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Detect changes in NTFS file and folder permissions

by Stefan Kowski

How to detect changes in file or folder permissions

Sometimes you need to find out if file or folder permissions have been changed, e.g. to validate if compliance rules for corresponding access requests have been fulfilled. By establishing a simple process, you can ease your life with Parks Authorization Manager (PAM).

Step 1: Scan file and folder permissions regularly
It depends on your business security requirements how often you should scan the file system permissions with PAM. In most organizations, once a month will be fair enough.

Step 2: Export the permission scan result to the file system
Make sure that your output folder has proper permissions set up to store the sensitive information or just create a secure organization folder with PAM.

Step 3: Compare the permission scan results
If you need to find out if changes have been made, just compare two different sets of permissions scan results. We will show you in a further article exactly how this can be accomplished.

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